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ICBO OBO Tutorial 2023: Using and Reusing Ontologies

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Exact Date TBD: Workshops/tutorials will be held August 28-30, 2023 (until noon of day 30)


The Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) community includes hundreds of open source scientific ontology projects, committed to shared principles and practices for interoperability and FAIR data. An OBO tutorial has been a regular feature of ICBO for a decade, introducing new and experienced ontology users and developers to ontologies in general, and to current OBO tools and techniques specifically. While ICBO attracts many ontology experts, it also includes an audience of ontology beginners, and of ontology users looking to become ontology developers or to further refine their skills. Our OBO tutorial will help beginner and intermediate ontology users with a combination of theory and hands-on practice.

For ICBO 2023 we will host a half-day OBO tutorial consisting of two parts.

The first part of our tutorial will be introductory, aimed at an audience that is new to ontologies and to the OBO Foundry. We will introduce OBO, its community, principles, resources, and best practices. We will finish the first part with a hands-on lesson in basic tools: ontology browsers, how to contribute to ontologies via GitHub (creating issues and making Pull Requests), and the Protege ontology editor.

The second part will build on the first, addressing an audience that is familiar with ontologies and OBO, and wants to make better use of OBO workflows and tools in their own projects.

This material for this year's OBO Tutorial will build on the content here in the OBO Academy. The OBO Academy offers free, open, online resources with self paced learning materials covering various aspects of ontology development and curation and OBO. Participants are encouraged to continue their learning using this OBO Academy website, and contribute to improving the OBO documentation.


Tentative Agenda

Time Topic Presenter Duration
12:00 pm ET Welcome Tiago Lubiana and Nico Matentzoglu 5 min
12:05 pm ET Introduction to OBO, its community, principles, resources, and best practices Darren Natale 20 min
12:25 pm ET Hands-on lesson in basic tools Sabrina Toro 20 min
12:45 pm ET Protege updates and new features Damien Goutte-Gattat 20 min
1:05 pm ET Overview of OBO Dashboard Anita Caron 20 min
1:25 pm ET Break 15 min
1:40 pm ET Introduction to ROBOT Becky Jackson 30 min
2:10 pm ET Role of ChatGPT in OBO Ontology Development Sierra Moxon 15 min
2:25 pm ET How to be an Open Science Engineer Nico Matentzoglu 15 min
2:40 pm ET Wrap up and Adjourn Tiago Lubiana 10 min