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ICBO Tutorial 2024

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Date: July 10, 2024, 8-10:30am PT/11-1:30pm ET/5-7:30pm Europe


The Open Biological and Biomedical Ontology (OBO) Foundry is an international community of ontology developers dedicated to constructing ontologies based on a unified set of principles. With hundreds of ontologies already integrated into the OBO Foundry, and more continually being added, the community continues to expand and grow. The annual OBO Foundry Tutorial at ICBO welcomes both newcomers and experienced curators and developers in the field of ontology development. Our goal is to provide a virtual workshop where participants can gain insights into the latest updates, exchange knowledge, and explore current best practices in the field, with a focus on collaborative workflows.

In this tutorial, we will build upon the freely available online training resources in the OBO Academy. We will explore strategies for effectively maintaining and advancing the development of community-based ontologies within a distributed and decentralized environment. Many OBO ontologies are built and managed by volunteers or dispersed development teams, all of which are openly accessible for community contributions and utilization. Through real-life use cases and introducing interactive challenges, we'll delve into best practices for leveraging GitHub to facilitate issue tracking, documentation, discussions, and automation pipelines, and discuss social workflows, and adherence to open science principles.

The OBO community eagerly embraces fresh perspectives and contributions, fostering collaboration and innovation. Join us in shaping the future of ontology development.


Advance preparation

The tutorial is designed to be 'show and tell' format, but you are welcome to install the following software on your machine in advance, if you'd like to follow along in real time:


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