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Create Screenshot and paste into an issue


The instructions below describe how to capture a screenshot of your screen, either your entire screen or a partial screenshot. These can be pasted into GitHub issues, pull requests or any markdown file.

Screenshot Instructions (Mac)

  1. Full screen: Hit the Command, Shift and 3 keys together to take a screenshot of the entire screen


  1. Partial screen: Hit the Shift, Control, Command and 4 keys together to take a screenshot of a portion of the screen. Crosshairs will appear and select the portion you would like to capture.


  1. Paste the partial screenshot into comment box in GitHub.

Video explanation: Partial screenshot on a Mac

Screenshot Instructions (PC)

Use the Snipping Tool (available with Windows 10)

  1. The easiest way to elicit the tool is to press Windows logo key + Shift + S to open a dialog window to select the type of screen capture you would like to do. 1. Options exist for free form, rectangular, window or full screen snips.
  2. After snipping, a notification dialog pops up so the user can select the location to save or annotate the screenshot. Otherwise, the default setting is to save to the clipboard.

Use your keyboard

Different keyboards have different keys. One of the following options should work:

  1. Fn + Print Screen is an option on some keyboards
  2. PrtScn or PrtSc
  3. Hit Shift, Window, S keys together to take a screenshot. You will be able to resize the screenshot as needed.