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Glossary for concepts in and around OBO


New OBOOK Glossary


Term Definition Type Docs
Ontology Development Kit (ODK) A toolkit and docker image for managing ontology releases. Tool docs
ROBOT A toolkit for transforming and interacting with ontologies. Tool docs
rdflib A python library to interact with RDF data Library docs
OWL API A java-based API to interact with OWL ontologies Library docs
Protege A typical ontology development tool used by ontology developers in the OBO-sphere Tool docs
ROBOT templates A templating system based on tables, where the templates are integrated in the same table as the data Standard docs
Dead Simple Ontology Design Patterns (DOSDP) A templating system for ontologies with well-documented patterns and templates. Standard docs
DOSDP tools DOSDP is the open source reference implementation of the DOSDP templating language. Tool docs
Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR) A system for composable ontology templates and documentation Standard docs
Lutra Lutra is the open source reference implementation of the OTTR templating language. Tool docs