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Reference document for protege interface

For this reference, we will use the cell ontology to highlight the key information on the user interface in Protege

General interface buttons

'+' button (not shown above) = add '?' button = explain axiom '@' button = annotate 'x' button = remove 'o' button = edit

Active Ontology tab


When you open the ontology on protege, you should land on the Active ontology tab, alternatively, it is available on the top as one of your tabs.

Ontology Level Annotations

Annotations on the active ontology tab are ontology level annotations and contain metadata about the ontology. This includes:

  1. title (name of the ontology)
  2. description
  3. license
  4. contributors (ideally this should be in ORCID but many ontologies use names instead)
  5. references (under rdfs:comment)
  6. preferred_root (this allows certain browsers to know which root to display the ontology from)

Entities tab

Entities are where your "entries" in the ontology live and where you can add terms etc.