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Writing Good Issues

Based on Intro to GitHub (GO-Centric) with credit to Nomi Harris and Chris Mungall

Writing a good ticket (or issue) is crucial to good management of a repo. In this explainer, we will discuss some good practices in writing a ticket and show examples of what not to do.

Best Practices

  • Search existing issues before creating a new one -- maybe someone else already reported your problem
  • Give your issue a short but descriptive and actionable title
  • Describe the problem and the context and include a repeatable example.
  • Clearly state what needs to be done to close the ticket
  • Tickets should ideally be actionable units that can be closed via a PR
  • Fag relevant people with @ (e.g., @nlharris)
  • Mention related issues with # (e.g., #123)
  • use a complete URL to link to tickets in other repos
  • Make issue titles actionable
  • eg "Ontology download page on GO website" is non-actionable, whereas "Fix URLs on ontology download page on GO website" is actionable and hence better a title

Example of a good ticket

Example of a bad ticket