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Ontology Engineer/Developer Pathway

Getting Set-up

  1. Download and install GitHub Desktop
  2. Download and install Protege
  3. Install ELK reasoner in protege
  4. Setting up your ID range
  5. Setting up ODK


As a ontology engineer, it would be useful for you to know how curators work, as such, it would be useful to be familiar with all the concepts in the ontology curator pathways document. This pathways will however be focusing on the engineering side of things.

Very basics

  1. Basic introduction to CLI 1
  2. Basic introduction to CLI 2

Learning Git and GitHub

  1. Fundamentals of GitHub
  2. Github issues
  3. Cloning a Repo
  4. Creating pull requests

Learning ontology engineering

  1. Setting up a ODK repository
  2. Developing an obo ontology
  3. Understanding product variants
  4. Dealing with large ontologies
  5. ROBOT tutorial pt. 1
  6. ROBOT tutorial pt. 2
  7. Templates
  8. Getting started with DOSDP templates
  9. DOSDP Templates Basic Tutorial
  10. Introduction to Managing DOSDP Templates in ODK
  11. Basics of SPARQL
  12. Setting up slims

Ontology Engineer How To Collection

This section is a non-ordered collection of how to documents that an engineer might need (this includes everything from the curators list as they may be pertinent knowledge to an engineer).