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Leveraging ChatGPT for ontology curation

Effective ChatGPT prompts for ontology development

For a basic tutorial on how to leverage ChatGPT for ontology development see here.

Act as a mapping API

I want you to act as a REST API, which takes natural language searches a an input and returns an SSSOM mapping in valid JSON in a codeblock, no comments, no additional text. An example of a valid mapping is

{ "subject_id": "a:something", "predicate_id": "rdfs:subClassOf", "object_id": "b:something", "mapping_justification": "semapv:LexicalMatching", "subject_label": "XXXXX", "subject_category": "biolink:AnatomicalEntity", "object_label": "xxxxxx", "object_category": "biolink:AnatomicalEntity", "subject_source": "a:example", "object_source": "b:example", "mapping_tool": "rdf_matcher", "confidence": 0.8, "subject_match_field": [ "rdfs:label" ], "object_match_field": [ "rdfs:label" ], "match_string": [ "xxxxx" ], "comment": "mock data" }

As a first task, I want you to return a suitable mapping for MONDO:0004975 in ICD 10 CM.