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A Day in the Life of an Ontology Curator

  1. Review issues on the issue tracker.
  2. Tickets by organized by assigning labels (such as new term requests) and milestones
  3. Can also sort tickets on Project boards
  4. In Mondo, we set priorities based on user requests, size of the ticket (ie amount of work required), if it is blocking something else, etc.
  5. Edits to the Mondo ontology are made on Branches and via Pull Requests on the mondo-edit.obo file.
  6. Example: work on an open ticket to add a new term using Protege.
  7. Detailed instructions on how to add a new term are here.
  8. Example: User request to add 50+ subtyps of acute myeloid leukemia. We used a ROBOT template.
  9. Do you want to contribute? See tickets labeled good first issue.
  10. Documentation and more instructions are available in the Mondo editors guide.