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Updating ODK

A new version of the Ontology Development Kit (ODK) is out? This is what you should be doing:

  1. Install the latest version of ODK by pulling the ODK docker images. In your terminal, run:
docker pull obolibrary/odkfull
  1. To update your repository, go to your src/ontology directory.
cd myrepo/src/ontology
  1. Create a new git branch in your usual way (optional)

Now run the update command TWICE (the first time it may fail, as the update command needs to update itself).

sh make update_repo
sh make update_repo
  1. Edit the following file: .github/workflows/qc.yml (from the top level of your repository) and make sure that it is using the latest version of the ODK.

For example, container: obolibrary/odkfull:v1.3.0, if v1.3.0. Is the latest version. If you are unsure what the latest version is, you can find that information here:

  1. OPTIONAL: if you have any other GitHub actions you would like to update to the latest ODK, now is the time! All of your GitHub actions can be found in the .github/workflows/ directory from the top level of your repo.

  2. Review all the changes and commit them, and make a PR the usual way. 100% wait for the PR to pass QC - ODK updates can be significant!

  3. Send a reminder to all other ontology developers of your repo and tell them to install the latest version of ODK (step 1 only).