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Fork an ontology for editing

Note: Creating a fork allows you to create your copy GitHub repository. This example provides instructions on forking the Mondo GitHub reposiitory. You can't break any of the Mondo files by editing your forked copy.

  1. On GitHub, navigate to
  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click Fork.

  1. When prompted 'Where should we fork mondo', choose your own repo (eg Nicole Vasilevsky).
  2. Be careful if you have multiple forks (i.e. the original and your own personal fork, as this can cause confusion).
  3. Clone your forked repo:

  4. If you have GitHub Desktop installed - click Code -> Open with GitHub Desktop

  5. How are you planning to use this fork? To contribute to parent project

  6. In GitHub Desktop, create a new branch:

  7. Click Current Branch - > New Branch

  1. Give your branch a name, like c-path-training-1

  2. You will make changes to the Mondo on the branch of your local copy.

Further instructions on forking a repo