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Clone a repository

Cloning a repo

Prerequisite: Install Github Desktop Github Desktop can be downloaded here

For the purpose of going through this how-to guide, we will use Mondo as an example. However, all obo onotlogies can be cloned in a similar way.

  1. Open the GitHub repository where the ontology you want to clone lives, in this case, Mondo GitHub repository
  2. Click Code


  1. Click 'Open with GitHub Desktop'


  1. You will be given an option as to where to save the repository. I have a folder called 'git' where I save all of my local repos.
  2. This will open GitHub Desktop and the repo should start downloading. This could take some time depending on the size of the repository.

Open the Ontology in Protege

  1. Open Protege
  2. Go to: File -> Open
  3. Navigate to mondo/src/ontology/mondo-edit.obo and open this file in Protege Note: mondo can be replaced with any ontology that is setup using the ODK as their architecture should be the same.

If this all works okay, you are all set to start editing!