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Ontology Summit 2023

This course unit only covers the OBO part of the Ontology Summit 2023, for a full overview see


Giving a broad overview of the key OBO methodologies and tools to the general ontology community.



Date Lesson Tutors Notes
2023/01/25 Introduction to COB Chris Mungall Slides
2023/02/01 Introduction to ROBOT and OAK James Overton and Chris Mungall
2023/02/08 Managing the Ontology Life Cycle with the Ontology Development Kit Anita Caron, Damien Goutte-Gattat, Philip Stroemert, Nicolas Matentzoglu
2023/02/15 Using Dashboards to monitor OBO ontologies Charlie Hoyt, Nicolas Matentzoglu, Anita Caron
2023/02/02 Using OBO Ontologies: Ubergraph and other applications Jim Balhoff